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Leaders in the real estate sector in Panama and the international market, with trajectory since 2000 (formerly Semusa Realty), characterized by our formality, effectiveness, and great recognitions. For over 12 years we represent one of the largest real estate franchises in the world, positioning ourselves regionally as a leader in the franchise from 2006 to 2011 and being recognized among the best operations worldwide.

We operate in a location of high tourist and commercial traffic, at the main entrance of the Multicentro Shopping Center on Balboa Avenue, Panama City. We have the largest team of real estate consultants in Panama and a trained organization, updated in real estate issues and with a high level of innovation, dynamism and cutting edge tools, committed to offering a quality service, creating lifelong relationships with our clients, with transparent advice and a pro-active marketing program in various media to expose as much as possible the inventory represented.

Active members of REALTORS®, PANAMCHAM, Venezuelan Business Club, and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Panama. We are part of ACOBIR, being the company with the largest inventory of properties represented and the highest number of closings since the creation of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in 2012, obtaining annual recognitions, the most recent being the Company with the Highest Sales Volume and Company with the Highest Number of Closed Units in 2017.

Additionally, by invitation we are part of the select Leading Real Estate Companies of the World™ global network of more than 4,600 offices, 130,000 Real Estate Advisors and who produce more than any other real estate brokerage network worldwide (see chart). This partnership allows us to proactively promote the inventory of properties we serve and have access to state-of-the-art tools.


The companies that make up this global network are the largest independent brokerage firms in the world. They are part of the select group whose name says it all, comprised of more than 500 firms with 4,600 offices and 130,000 sales associates in more than 65 countries.

As a member of Leading RE we are part of the organization that produced the highest sales volume in 2017, more than any other real estate brokerage network, $372 billion. Those connections make us a national and global (not just local) brand that works for you.

LeadingRE affiliates also lead by a number of sales, with 15% more transactions than the nearest competitor.


For today's demanding consumers, real estate professionals must continually hone their skills and update their knowledge. We support our members with training and education tools to keep brokers, associates and staff at the forefront of the marketplace. One of our main goals is to promote and reward expertise and our professional growth initiatives to help do just that.

Institute 2.0 is an online training system designed to strategically differentiate the Advisor by helping them learn, communicate and do business in entirely new ways. With a collaborative design. Institute 2.0 offers targeted training modules for different positions in the organization to meet objectives.

Why join our team?

In order to elevate your success to the highest level, we offer you a number of tools to develop your career in a successful and productive way, always seeking to continuously improve the service we provide. When you start your new career you will have the following to achieve results in the short term:

  • The Brand
    • Servmor Realty and Leading Real Estate Companies of the World™ help you get noticed and open doors by being part of the leading global network in the Real Estate market, giving you access to 4,600 offices, 130,000 Real Estate Advisors and who produce more than any other real estate brokerage network worldwide.
  • Office and Work Equipment
    • We have our office in a high traffic area with comfortable spaces to effectively serve our clients, tools that include showcases to display our properties, meeting rooms, copiers/printers, screens to present the different properties, personal laptops, telephone with direct line and voicemail, wireless internet, brochure holders and the necessary tools to effectively develop your career.
  • Aggressive and Innovative Marketing Program
    • You will be able to use the brand and join an aggressive marketing plan through various media to actively promote our clients' properties and serve a high volume of prospects.
  • Quality Control and Customer Service
    • In order to measure the quality of the services we provide throughout the different stages, we have a survey program to measure the service offered by our Real Estate Advisors. We have also developed a loyalty program that seeks to encourage our clients to actively refer us to their loved ones and to achieve a more long-term relationship through our Concierge Service in search of "Clients for Life".
  • Goals and Results
    • We have a program of goals and measurement through the Balance Score Card that we constantly monitor to help you meet your objectives and obtain the desired product.
  • Awards and Recognition
    • Annually, the best Advisors are awarded with various recognitions and have the opportunity to participate in the annual convention of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World™ where various topics are presented to be at the forefront of Real Estate.
  • Continuous Training and Career Development
    • When you join our team, a training schedule is defined for you to quickly get to know our work tools and processes so that you can develop your career effectively. Additionally, we have access to Institute 2.0 (a training program that provides different online courses) and access to participate in the Annual International Convention of Leading RE, where you can take a number of courses taught during the event.
  • Innovative Technological Tools
    • We have a property management system that is aligned with a CRM that allows us to link sellers with buyers and keep a strict control of our processes. You will also have access to the Leading RE intranet that provides you with a number of tools and training.
  • Administrative and Management Support
    • You will have a human team that will provide you with support, so that as an Advisor you can dedicate most of your time to the management of the sale of our services, thus freeing you from administrative procedures and achieving the desired goals during your career.
  • Commission and Bonus Plan
    • Our commission programs are designed to value the loyalty and experience of the Real Estate Advisors that are part of our team. Likewise, as you develop your career and meet the different goals proposed (measured periodically through the Balance Score Card), the Advisor receives a higher percentage and bonuses, increasing his/her income through the time he/she has been with the group.

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Even though we have the best infrastructure, tools, and state-of-the-art technology, the key to our success is in the hands of the talented Advisors who work with us, they are the backbone that gives life to our organization.

Hear in their own words how our Advisors take advantage of the unparalleled benefits, training opportunities, and constant recognition that has allowed them to achieve success with Servmor Realty.

As a company, we select, train, and challenge the best real estate advisors in the industry. If you are a person who has clearly established goals and objectives, is ambitious, and has the motivational drive, this is the ideal business for you.

We, with the experience that characterizes us and the tools we have, will guide you to become a professional who knows how to earn the trust of its customers, which is the key to success in this business and thus help you to achieve all your aspirations satisfactorily.

If you are wondering how much my annual income could be? I clarify that with your professionalism and customer service you can easily have an annual income in excess of $50,000.00, but the reality is that THE LIMIT OF YOUR INCOME IS YOU.


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Buen día de Dios, mi testimonio con respecto a la atención brindada por el señor Luis Aguilar, es que desde el momento que le contacte se mostró servicial, colaborador y con una disposición muy buena para ayudarme a encontrar una vivienda a mi gusto y presupuesto. Durante todo el proceso siempre fue muy amable y la verdad muy paciente, a pesar de que demoró por tramites del banco y ya tanto el vendedor como mi persona nos sentíamos agobiados, el sr. Luis siempre se mostró optimista y sereno, transmitiendo esto mismo a nosotros, por lo que considero que su intervención como intermediario fue muy acertada. En hora buena por tener una persona con esta disposición en su equipo de trabajo. 
Dalys C.

Mi asesor Ricardo Cabaleiro me guío através de todo el camino, comunicación clara y rapida, me ayudó a tomar buenas decisiones con consejos objetivos. Vendí a un precio justo y de una forma muy eficiente. No tengo queja alguna, excelente servicio

Gabriel V

Gran experiencia y servicio en general. A cargo de todo, de principio a fin. Recomendaciones realistas para asegurarse de obtener el mejor valor posible para su propiedad. Recomiendo encarecidamente sus servicios.

Álvaro G.

Super 👌 todo desde principio a fin fue buena la experiencia. Gracias

Josué DS

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