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Service To The Owner

Your Representative before the Market

When attending your property under the MLS Listing figure, we only provide one point of contact (your Property Consultant) and access to a network with more than 400 certified agents that pro-actively present your property to a great number of customers, this increases your exposure and guarantees a closing in less time. Further, your Property Consultant is constantly interacting with the market allowing him/her to advise you in relation to the necessary adjustment to be made during promotion and always watching over your interests.

Proven Closing Effectiveness

Our experience and proven results are our best presentation card, the median day time in finalizing the closing of a property served under the MLS Listings figure from its activation is of 65 days for leases and 56 days for sales. As a result of our assessment of the property, during the promotion process, and our pro-active marketing program, we managed to close 71% of the properties served under the MLS Listing figure.

* Source: Statistics taken from residential properties served under the MLS Listing figure of Panama District and San Miguelito, during the 2017 period.

Comparative Analysis of the Market

To be able to determine the correct price of the market is a key factor to show the effectiveness of the sale or lease of your property. We have comparable numbers of recent closings and experiences in the handling of other properties which allows us to advise you in determining the correct value of your property, thus decreasing runtime and increasing the closing probabilities. See More…

Pro-Active Exposure of your Property

The properties served under the MLS Listing figure are incorporated to our innovative marketing program that includes a combination of printed media , on line means, our property showcase, television, direct contact with customer and brokers.

The foregoing allows us to have an ample exposure of the property to a high number of prospective customers to reduce the closing average time of the properties that we serve.

Counseling and Support during the Closing Process

When identifying the interested parties, your Property Consultant shall take the necessary steps to achieve the best possible conditions for the closing and we shall support you during the whole process, as of the signing of the agreement until the termination of the transfer. Next, some of the tasks that we shall carry out:

  • Negotiation of the proposals
  • Credit references check on prospective tenants interested in property renting through the APC (Panamanina Credit Association)
  • Preparation of the Promissory PurchaseAgreement
  • To transact the payment of the Transference and Capital Gain Tax
    • To transact the issuance of Paid-up Certificates (Real Estate, Condominium Fees and IDAAN
    • To monitor the closing process until the registration of the Purchase at the Public Registry


* When you activate your property under the MLS Listing Figure, the information at the Cadastre is evaluated and the MEF is updated, which allows saving time at the time of initiating the closing process.

Service To The Owner