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Property Management Services

A team of highly-qualified professionals with extensive experience in property management will help you find a property under the best possible conditions, namely payments up to date, rent collection and other services; always addressing the needs of tenants and proprietaries individually.

We will always look after your interests and coordinate the administrative tasks regarding property leasing: rental agreement signature, repairs and maintenance of the building, monthly rent collection, payment of public services and any other bills related to your property.

We work hand in hand with certified and highly experienced suppliers in all fields; moreover, we coordinate professional inspections and repairs of air conditioners and appliances, always aiming at excellence and high quality.

We also have the Panamanian Credit Association service (APC) in order to verify credit references of potential prospects interested in leasing any property.

Our Services

Payment of the property’s public services. 

Utility installation in the property.       

Monthly report of income and expenses, supervision report.

Coordination and supervision of spraying. (every four months)

Coordination and supervision of pool cleaning (if applicable)

Monitoring and doing of minor and major repairs on behalf of the PROPRIETARY.

Inspection and report of household goods,and minor repairs needed.

Monitoring of delivery and return of the rental property keys.

Manage return of security deposit and keys upon termination of contract.

Regular inspections during the contract period.

Payment of real estate tax (additional cost)

Decoration and remodeling services (additional cost, depending on workload)

Payment of any other bills related to  the property.

Coordination and supervision of property’s cleaning

Coordination and supervision of A/C and appliances repairs (quarterly)

Coordination and supervision of gardening service.

Rent and debt collection, security deposit.

We do, at the expense and risk of the PROPRIETARY, the necessary repairs for the building maintenance.

Inspection of the property before running the administration service.

Inventory of the property when delivered and returned.

Pre-inspection of property upon termination of contract.

Management of rental contract registration and consignment of security deposit through MIVIOT.

Upgrading of the property’s cadastral value. (additional cost)

At our Property Administration division, we focus on keeping the highest standards to benefit our customers.


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The Confidentiality Policy

In the course of our relationship Servmor Realty and the CLIENT will disclose information of proprietary and confidential nature. In order to protect the confidential information, both parties during their relationship and after its expiration or termination agree to maintain the information in strict confidence and shall not disclose to any third party any information received from the other party unless for the purposed of the Services offered by Servmor Realty.